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Clothing industry analysis now appears to show that as consumers we buy on average 60% more clothing than we did 15 years ago. I spoke recently with JAB Apparel founder Johnny Owen, who believe’s these statistics are why especially when it comes to health fitness and nutrition it’s not just about the science it’s also about behaviour.


Johnny (John Owen) from Carlisle, England a former MMA amatuer competitor himself, believes his product JAB was born out of a love for combat sports in and around 2017. It was this passion through the art of combat sports that the JAB logo was born.


Johnny spoke on the values and identity ” If you look close enough the JAB logo symbolises a glove with a cuff and the word JAB which we feel is a metaphor for jabbing or fighting your way through life’s daily challenges. This is why we always say – JAB are in your corner or your part of the JAB family”.


“The JAB clothing range has been rigourously tested in top-level sporting competition used in gym’s throughout the world and we are now working on our very own JAB signature range for casual comfort. As much as fitness and nutrition is a science we also believe it’s a behaviour and a behaviour similar to the choice you make when choosing apparel to work out in or what you feel most comfortable in to perform at your best”.


In July 2019 JAB teamed up with QD Events in Scotland to ink a headline sponsorship agreement at QD Events yearly SEC event Glasgow, Sports Fitness and Nutrition Exhibition 2019 September 21st – 22nd, one of the biggest health and fitness exhibition show weekends in the U.K. visitors can expect to get inspired and leave buzzing with professional advise on sports fitness and nutition, competitions, a wellbeing zone, kids classes, special guest speakers and kids go free.


Johnny went on to say ” since building our relationship with SFN we at JAB felt the SFN EXPO 2019 was the ideal platform to build awareness of our diverse range of new services including our 24/7 all year round clothing range. We now have entered the venue management market where we believe we can offer the services of a total sports group, something our team have been working on long term”.


“JAB has evolved through vital investment, brand assesment and belief in our vision, we are operating as JAB Group International Limited with involvment in all aspects of sports management, sports promotion, events, media and our JAB foundation. Athlete development wise, as your career develops then so should the need to secure what you do after your career, JAB provide educational opportunities, available courses and build your off-field resume. Ensuring you have the sport and non sport related skillsets to succeed. We track the sports management market so we continue to evolve with trends and new pathways so our team can continue to improve year on year”.



SFN EXPO 2019 Ticket Information: Instagram @sfnexpo

JAB Apparel: Instagram @jab.apparel




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