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Sports Career Development Services

Ensure you have support and guidance for all stages of your sporting career

You are the key figure in the promotion of your brand (you the athlete) sports projects, as well as developing public awareness of sport participation importance, liaising with governing bodies, schools and local clubs to promote best practice.

How do we support your career development?

AMG sports management helps you develop skills and career opportunities through your sport firstly by providing the sporting support needed to succeed. 

As your career develops AMG also supports focusing on post sporting career development. What you do after your sporting career is important to all athletes. We help you unlock educational opportunities through available courses and build your off-field resume. 

Everything we do focuses on ensuring you have the sporting and non-sports-related skillsets to succeed.

Developing Athlete Market Awareness

We will offer, advise and work with partners who have key skills in analytical tools to help improve your social media presence and profile.

We can handle all client accounts where necessary. We work to targets and timescales so the athlete remains fully aware of progress and crucially in control.

What role does sports management play in career development?

We learn every day about what an average day is like for sports management professionals, there is no average day!.

We guide and provide information about the different types of career opportunities to our clients and what the future holds for people in the sports industry.

Sports management professionals work as a team of managers, athletic directors, sports agents, and recruiters, marketing and PR professionals, and more.

We track the sports management market so we continue to evolve with trends and new pathways so our team can continue to improve year on year.

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