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Through our experiences, over the last four years of being involved in sports events at grassroots, small hall and at the top level we believe we understand what it requires to assist with a pathway to improve media and online presence for athletes, sports teams and organisations across the UK.

What Sports Media services do we provide?

Dependant on the need you or your organisation at AMG sports management we can tailor media services to meet your requirements, goals, and budgets. Choosing a sports management service for your media requirements allows you to gain access to opportunities that may not be possible through a traditional PR or marketing agency.


What Sports Media Services do we offer?

Videography Content

Airtime interview opportunities where you can detail your journey in your chosen field and tell your story to various media/broadcasting outlets.

A great example of our work in this area is “All Eyes on Scottish Boxing”  coverage that told that story of a local Scottish boxing club on the lead up to the 2014 Scottish Commonwealth games. as part of Sky Sports Ringside. Watch it here


Social Media presence

AMG sports management offer the correct guidance based on current best practice trends to keep your social media accounts in the best condition. Helping athletes understand the significance and risk factors associated with their digital footprint.

From coaching and training on utilising digital channels effectively, we cover everything from hashtags to content delivery so you can make your mark online as well as on the pitch. Understanding the importance of social media to reach your target audience is critical and is a key driver in building your profile as an athlete.

Media Training for Athletes

No matter your level now, understanding the capabilities and risks of media handling in sport is a day to day factor for athletes to consider. A tweet today could be a PR headline to unravel in years to come. We help athletes understand a media mindset whilst embedding the best approach to any form of media.

We can help with arranging athlete support in media training such as:

  • Vocal training for audio and video media.
  • Social Media Tactics and advice
  • PR handling for TV, Radio, Newspapers and interviews.
  • Situational Expertise – when PR turns bad

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