Sports Management for MMA athletes

Mixed Martial Arts not mixed results

In contrast between the two sports; in boxing, the fighter can make the event, while in MMA, the event can make the fighter.

Our Services for both female and male MMA athletes will put you in contention.

What we do for MMA athletes?

We understand each fighter has individual needs, we use an unorthodox marketing approach to build each fighter’s profile and brand awareness to match their personality.
We provide them with the best current opportunities time managed to build their career lead time or contract.
We measure on request client nutrition, conditioning and sports psychology.

Unlocking the Potential of MMA athletes across the UK

Marketing for MMA Athletes

Marketing opportunities for each client can be assisted through local, national and International media campaigns. Social media presence, seminar, and speaking appearances.

As an example, we work with fight promotions to build relationships between ourselves promoters and our primary responsibility, you our client.

Social Media presence

AMG sports management offer the correct guidance based on current best practice trends to keep your social media accounts in the best condition. Helping athletes understand the significance and risk factors associated with their digital footprint.

From coaching and training on utilising digital channels effectively, we cover everything from hashtags to content delivery so you can make your mark online as well as on the pitch. Understanding the importance of social media to reach your target audience is critical and is a key driver in building your profile as an athlete.

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