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Getting you the right sponsorship for today and tomorrow

Unlock sponsorship opportunities that can help you grow organically with long-term success rather than quick fixes that deliver only short-term results. Working in tandem AMG sports management deliver a relationship between athlete and sponsor that is mutually beneficial. Learn more about what sports sponsorship can do for you or your organisation.

Unlocking athlete sponsorship opportunities

Why is individual athlete sponsorship important ?

No matter the level you are performing at, an athletes goals should be aligned to unlocking opportunities and increasing exposure within your sport. 

How to get athlete sponsorship?

By partnering with a leading sports management service such as AMG sports management we take care of the management and sourcing of your next endorsement or sponsorship opportunity. Sponsorship is a key mechanic in driving your sporting performance. From handling sponsorship proposals, sponsorship endorsement contracts to athlete sponsorship agreements, AMG take care of the detail so you can focus on your performance. 

Through sponsorship services, athletes can put themselves on the front foot to obtaining the next level in their goals. Speak to us to learn how we are helping world-leading athletes set new records. 

Don’t compromise on your opportunities

Our winning approach to athlete sponsorship

No matter your starting point or sporting career goals, having the right approach to obtaining and managing your sponsorship needs is crucial. As an athlete you shouldn’t need to worry about the small details, that’s where we come in, our athletes are catered to so the sporting goal remains in focus. Here are some of the key elements that make up our athlete sponsorship approach:

  • Sponsorship should be aligned with your sporting targets.
  • Sponsorship has to be effective for all parties.
  • Sponsors have target audiences too and we take an active role in measuring this process for all parties, this way our relationships are formed with a solid foundation for the long term.
  • We aim to promote, respect, innovate, develop and excel (PRIDE) in the sports management industry.

Find your brands next athlete endorsement 

Looking for an athlete to boost your brand presence?

Our athletes are at the top of their game, from verified international strongmen to leaders in women’s football, we have a range of athletes that speak to the needs and ethos of many leading brands. 

If you are an event organiser, corporate host, a local or national business looking to give your brand or event its edge, get in touch to discuss our range of athlete endorsement options. 

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