Sports Management for Rugby Players

Kick poor management into touch

Designed for all levels our sports management services support rugby players across the UK from amateur athletes to professional.

Servicing management support across both the male and female game.

What we do for Rugby Players

AMG sports management help professional and amateur sports teams including individuals build their brands and develop new revenue streams. We can offer and may also be involved in enhancing ticket sales, maintaining facilities, and providing customer service and of course sponsorship.

Leveraging the growing Corporate Opportunities

Assisting Rugby Clubs and Individuals

The International game of Rugby is going from strength to strength with major investment entering the sport at all levels,  however, at a corporate level it’s no easy task to obtain business support.

This is why we look to assist clubs and individuals to be a more attractive option so investment in the national sport benefits athletes directly.

How we make a difference

Our sports management across the sport is wide-ranging and tailored to the needs of players, coaches or clubs. We support in the following areas:

– Funding,

– Sponsorship,

– Cross-sport partnerships

– Community links

These are just some sports management areas but it is scratching the surface of what we can offer to assist with club or individual tailored guidance.

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