In the many associated reasons for physical fitness there is normally the one common reason which is most popular whithin most which is to increase fitness levels, for example, have a healthy heart, increase your quality of day to day life and recover quicker from the daily routine and common ailments which can occur.

What we don’t hear so much of is the journey which takes ourselves to making these decisions to get fit or healthier or how hard it is even to exercise as a whole, this is the reality. In my opinion for many the journey is sometimes mental before it is physical and that is where Nadine Harkness has been or should i say lived and why she is lifting off more mental health campaigns in 2019.

Nadine from Scotland, by day is an avaiation firefighter, her role involves fighting fires in aircraft buildings along with providing first aid services and ensuring a safe airport enviroment, a very male dominated industry where the balance of female recruits is less compared to their male counterparts, a challenge Nadine enjoys and shows with determination that it only matters how you see yourself and not how others see you. If you are willing to work for it you can achieve it.

Firstly you may know or have seen Nadine more recently on the current series of the channel 4 SAS: Who Dares Wins Series 4 2019 with ex special forces colleagues Ant Middleton, Jason Fox, Matthew Ollerton and Mark Billingham. It currently aires each Sunday at 9pm (sky channel 104). Nadine was candidate number 1 in the field.

Just one episode in to SAS: Who Dares Wins 2019 and Nadine emerged as a fan favorite with her drive, honesty and humour along with a more vulnerable side to her where she would share her own personal battle of mistrust and abuse to help the journey of others.

The brutal reality TV series follows 25 recruits in their attemps to survive a rigorous two-week military camp based on the SAS style selection processes, it’s no holiday camp.

Despite her busy lifestyle, Nadine finds time to help out on projects such as Project RV (link attached) a non-profit assosiation that supports British Elite Forces veterans through orgainsed recreational events. She was also a senior instructor at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Since being introduced to our screens Nadine has set off in 2019 with more campaigns based on her experiences, she is currently launching her own online battle back to fitness diary and raising awareness of a campaign she launched called SOB ‘Speak Out Bravely’ in relation to her experience of abuse and is encouraging people from all backgrounds to ‘Speak Out Bravley’.

Speaking on SAS Who Dares Wins 2019, Nadine whilst being interrogated said…

“I’ve gone through some heavy sh*t in the past and it sort of pulled me down, i’ve only started talking about my experiences because i now feel stronger mentally and physically than i have in a very long time”

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