In the modern day world is there many or any particular brand or job title which is now literally what the title is, the 21st century has brought the world an array of options which is exciting however it can be confusing and can increase the difficulty of getting to the core help assistance you need or as little as a request you make.

Example- pre 20th century or further back a coffee was a coffee, now, when you request a coffee you are met with a menu the size of a sandwich board and kindly asked by the customer service agent which type?… Espresso, flat white, cappuccino, cafe mocha…the list is endless!

This can pretty much signify the modern day jungle of information and services we are lucky to have (which is appreciated!) whether it be physical fitness, losing weight, buying a car, how do we retain or look to keep things simple and save some time by cutting through the information to get to the place we require which is your goal at the end of the day, whether it be an athlete looking for a service or a candidate looking for a career path.

Sports Management Expectation

Sports management in 2019 is no different to any of the above in terms of the many hats it wears it can be diverse based on client requests and circumstances, example from assisting with community youth funding projects via a local government scheme to managing athlete contracts, marketing and finances of the player or carrying out profile duties for a team and consulting with partners, business leads and potential sponsors. It is pretty much a lifestyle 24/7 you must have the passion and the drive to want to be in the industry, there are many graduate courses however there are also pathways to building experience through voluntary schemes within the industry too.

Sports Management Reality

If you want to work in sports management, forget about comparing your situation to those of your friends who are on a more traditional career path. Students in accounting, nursing, teaching or other fields job offers that pay generously straight out of school while you have to hustle to get an internship or position that will pay minimum wage with no benefits and no promises when it ends. If you are determined to pursue a career in sports and are willing to work hard and take the knocks along the way, the first stage of your journey may involve great uncertainty and require a willingness to move anywhere, and you might even need a part-time job on the side to subsidise your journey. If you want it badly enough and are willing to put in the effort to gain experience you will achieve your goal, never give up!.

The communication between sports manager and client, must be one of trust and understanding, guidance and communication lines must be set out at the very start of any journey, along with the professional side of an athletes discipline and success on the field this must be mirrored by the same balance of personal lifestyle, this is where a sports manager can excel in terms of allowing the athlete to focus on their craft ‘on field’ whilst the sports manager can assist in ‘off-field’ business, administrating sponsor assistance, researching after career guidance and courses to upskill individuals for preparation of after career planning along with negotiating potential sport contracts whilst the athlete remains crucially in control.

Across Boxing, MMA, Rugby, and Football

I have worked continuously over the last 4/5 years building my experience within the sports journalism, athlete management, and events industry to develop my knowledge and to up-skill my qualities.

I have represented athletes mostly within the combat sports industry securing sponsorship, advertising, lead building with businesses for career educational courses for athletes and covering all the legal information required. A level of versatility that allows us to cater for many athletes no matter their level but experience and networking that means AMG can operate with a personal touch.

Through my experience from 2014, I have built up some great partnership work with top sporting professionals and businesses and have a portfolio of business clients who are passionate like I am about the sports management industry.

The famous saying a goal without a plan is only a wish stands as true with athlete management. At AMG sports management we ensure a SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time) objective approach is taken with our athlete strategies across our services. This is to help us focus on both short and long-term development goals that are in line with your ambitions and goals.

If you are looking for help within the sports industry its always helpful to research a sports manager as although they have many hats they do provide assistance in many sporting backgrounds for individuals, businesses, communities, clubs, charities and many more!

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